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JD’s vision for its residential developments is based on high-quality design, construction, and a management that recognizes and leverages niche market needs across the Canadian urban landscape. Our mission is to generate opportunity for investors, purchasers, and tenants through our innovations while creating ‘A Different Way of Living’.

In three years’ time, we will have 2,599 beds in a total across Ontario. We care about our tenants on an individual basis, and we are invested in their achievement. Our experience has helped us enhance our property offerings, and has allowed us to support our tenants with everything they need for academic success, making Rez-One the go-to solution for private accommodations in the Waterloo area.

With unsurpassed expertise and vision for the communities we develop and build in, we have earned recognition in residential home construction, rental properties, and property management.

Our company is lead by seasoned industry professionals boasting unparalleled experience and expertise in applying innovative approaches, customization options, and a customer-centric focus to the homes that we build.

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